Hair Care & Maintenance

HerGlam wants you to fall in love with your hair extensions, the importance of properly maintaining the life of your hair is very important! Please follow this guide carefully and consistently so you can maximize the condition of your hair extensions.


This is high quality premium virgin hair, you must care for your hair extensions as you would your natural hair. We recommend gentle shampooing, and weekly conditioning treatments for your extensions. Lightweight leave in conditioners are highly recommended for maintaining super healthy, lustrous hair. Using a quarter size amount of leave in conditioner while focusing mostly on the middle and ends of hair. Less is usually more, you don’t want to weigh down the hair with tons of product. Avoid heavy oily or cream based conditioners with lots alcohol and sulfates as this can be drying to hair.

Being Active

You are able to workout, be active, play sports, swim, go to the sauna and more physical activities in the hair but be mindful that you will want to likely pin the hair up in a ponytail, bun, or braid. For swimming or water sports always be sure to first braid the hair back away from the face to avoid tangling and matting. Be sure to follow up with shampooing the extensions AND a conditioning treatment.

Routine wear

Brush the hair daily as you would your natural hair to avoid tangling and matting starting at the ends of the hair while using a wig brush or wide tooth comb and work your way up to the roots. Style as desired

Curly textures require more love, you will need to shampoo and condition the hair more often every 3-5 days, at night you can twist the hair while wet, or use curlers (I.e. flexi rods or perm rods) to wrap the hair so the curls will remain defined

It is recommended at night to wear a bonnet or wrap the hair with a satin or silk hair scarf, and to sleep with satin pillowcases to avoid hair frizziness and drying

**Please consult with a licensed hair professional before coloring or chemically altering the hair**

Lace care:

For frontals, and lace wigs be very gentle when cleaning and maintaining the lace. When removing your lace wig or frontal we recommend applying alcohol or lace adhesive remover. Apply directly onto the lace and adhesive area and wait for lace to loosen before removing. Never over tweeze or over process the lace with hair chemicals such as hair bleaching and hair color this causes the hair on the lace to shed and eventually will bald the lace.

To clean the lace apply alcohol to the lace where the adhesive and product build up areas are. Use an edge brush and gently brush off the build up followed by shampooing the lace.